Monday, January 3, 2011

Wednesday is the Big Day!

Well, Wednesday is the big day! It is kind of strange to be able to make arrangements for the dog, pack our hospital bags, have our parents and siblings plan ahead to come visit us, etc. Being induced is definitely different than the typical "my-water-broke-in-the-grocery-store-let's-rush-to-the-hospital" scene you see in movies!
Tonight and tomorrow will be our last evening's at home without children, and our last nights of unawakened sleep (minus the 5-7 times I get up to use the bathroom) for quite some time. The Lord has blessed our family and this pregnancy in so many ways, they are too many to even name. Today I have been mostly daydreaming about this journey the past 10 months, it brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Things I Will Miss Most About Being Pregnant:

  • Knowing I am carrying precious cargo on board every second of every day
  • Feeling those sweet kicks, rolls, turns and jumps and no matter what is going on in the world, everything just seems perfect in that moment
  • Looking down and only being able to see my belly and bellybutton, realizing how much our two children have grown these past 10 months in the womb to become healthy and happy babies
  • The royal treatment I have received from my husband and family (cooking, cleaning, beautiful gifts, being driven to appointments)
  • Extra grace for being tired or forgetful because cooking two babies warrants that
  • Being able to protect my babies from the world

Things I Never Thought I Could Be This Excited About:

  • Hearing two babies scream and cry
  • Changing poopy diapers
  • Touching my toes
  • Standing up from the couch/toilet/dinner table without grunting in pain
  • Walking like a 25 year-old instead of a 90 year-old
  • Putting on my own shoes and socks
  • Sleeping on my side instead of sleeping sitting up!
  • Being able to know my babies are healthy by looking at them in their crib instead of wondering how they are doing in my belly

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