Sunday, December 26, 2010

36 weeks pregnant

Well, we are now at week 36 and I couldn't be more excited! Tonight's newest event was the swelling of my right foot. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning at 10am with Dr. Sawyer so we are not too worried about it, but I really have a feeling that tomorrow might be the day! Ah! I cannot stop thinking of my two precious babies, what they will look like, sound like when they laugh or cry, smell like... everything!

Here is a picture from me this past week (35 weeks). Josh has been off from school, so he has had me on house arrest, resting on the couch and whatnot. We had my parents over, visited Josh's parents several times, and the siblings here in Anthem. I have been craving sushi, so Josh took me to Ebisu one afternoon. It has made the time pass quicker. (Not to mention all the December birthday's and Christmas festivities!)

The animals are taking very well to me being home and available to them at all hours of the day. I think everyone's worlds are going to be rocked when these babies arrive in the Lehman household!

Please keep us in your prayers, for a safe and healthy delivery and recovery. Noah and Lily are so excited to meet all of their wonderful family and friends that have already blessed them so much throughout their time in my belly.

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